Top 10 Tips For Settling

1. Make your house comfortable as soon as possible. Once you have all your familiar things around you it will help you feel at home.

2. Familiarise yourself with the area. Visit your local Mairie, often they can speak English and are a great source of local information.

3. Locate your nearest supermarket. Find out where you can find products you are familiar with, try some local specialties too.

4. Develop a routine. This can really help during those first few difficult months. If you are not working, try and include an early morning outing to get you out of the house.

5. Have fun. Visit a new place or try a new activity each week. In the area there are amazing opportunities to ski in the winter and swim or hill walk in the summer months.

6. Make new friends. Try to meet some like minded people from your home country. There are many clubs and associations in the area for many nationalities.

7. Learn the language. There are a variety of language schools and private tutors in the area who can help you with this. Knowing a few simple phrases can really help you get along.

8. Maintain contact with home. There are many low cost ways to stay in touch with home including telestunt, Skype and FaceTime. This is a beautiful area for your friends to come and visit.

9. Accept invitations. Attend as many gatherings as you can. You may have to reach out of your comfort zone at times but the benefits will be worth it.

10. Enjoy your new life. The Pays de Gex is a lovely area of France there are many things to do and lovely people to meet.

Use the above tips and contact us to help you get the most out of your new life here.