The Pays de Gex

There are around 80,000 inhabitants in this exceptionally beautiful area which is sandwiched between the Jura Mountains, Geneva and the Haute-Savoie .  It is situated in the department of Ain within the region of Rhone Alpes.

There are 27 communes (towns) in the area.  Cessy, Challex, Chevry, Chezery-Forens, Collonges, Crozet, Divonnes-les-Bains, Echenevex, Farge, Ferney-Voltaire, Gex, Grilly, Leaz, Lelex, Mijoux, Ornex, Peron, Pougny, Prevessin-Moens, St-Genis-Pouilly, St-Jean-de-Gonville, Sauverny, Segny, Sergy, Thoiry, Versonnex, Vesancy.


Sports & Activites

With lots to offer, it’s not hard to find something do whether it be hiking, walking, golfing, cycling, horse riding, paragliding and other adventure sports. There are fabulous water sports facilities in the area and nearby Switzerland.

The area offers something for everyone all year round. In very close proximity to the Monts Jura ski resorts, it is the ideal location for winter sports including alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging and snow-shoeing. The Alps are less than an hour away and there is a multitude of French and Swiss slopes to discover too. In the summertime the mountains offer the perfect escape for walking, rock climbing and mountain biking.

You will also find numerous thermal spas offering treatments. One of the best know spa locations is Divonne-les-Bains.

Tourist sites

Like most places in France, the Pays de Gex is steeped in culture with many interesting places to visit. Locally are Fort l’Ecluse and the Château de Voltaire. Just over the Swiss border is the site of CERN, the biggest particle research site in the world. The European Centre for Nuclear Research offers two open access exhibits and guided tours can also be arranged by request.

In and around the Pays de Gex you will find many places of natural beauty including the breathtaking view of the Mont Blanc and lake Geneva (lac Léman) from the Col de la Faucille.


The famous Gex blue cheese is a must to be tasted. The white wines of the Jura are also renowned. The communities within the Pays de Gex are proud to promote their local produce and you will find lots of opportunities at the local food markets and other gastronomic events to taste the products.