Aislinn, as relieved as we are to have the security deposit issue resolved, and as grateful as we are for all your wonderful work, we’re feeling sad that we don’t have another excuse to use your services.  We’re going to have to find a way to get back to Pays de Gex or, alternatively, have you and your family move to Cambridge.
We can’t thank you enough. Chester Family, Cambridge, USA

Over the past year, Aislinn has helped me and my family manage the day to day challenges of living in France.  We met shortly after I relocated to the area In December 2010, since then she has come with me to medical appointments, helped  to translate French documents and made important phone calls on my behalf.  Aislinn has also helped by giving me advice on outings for my family and information about clubs and associations for my children.  I really appreciate her quick and friendly responses and ongoing support.  Tracey Walker

Many thanks again for all your help Aislinn. I DHL-ed the forms off today,
which is a relief! Your instructions were invaluable, as I could never
have done this on my own. Mathew Pringle, Ivory Coast.

You just made my life so much easier, Åsa, Laos.

I can’t thank Gillian enough for all she did to help me with my move to France.  When I was still living in England, Gillian provided me with invaluable advice about the Pays de Gex and the difference between Living in France and Switzerland (we had originally considered living in Geneva).  She gave us loads information about the education system in France compared to international schooling.  When it was time to move, Gillian met with the estate agent to conduct the walk through.  She also met with our removal company and arranged for all of our furniture to be put in our new house.   When we arrived a few days later it was so lovely to meet her, she made us feel really welcome and our fridge was full of food!   It really made our first few days much easier. She then continued to help us with registering our daughter in school and gave advice on activities and organisations in the area.  I would strongly recommend her warm and friendly services to anyone. Zoe Parks