Pays de Gex is a very unique and international area of France on the border of Switzerland, very close to Geneva.  It is a beautiful area and can offer an amazing lifestyle, with skiing in the winter and swimming in the many lakes and outdoor swimming pools in the summer, not to mention year round hiking.

However, moving to a new place can be very lonely and isolating.  Leaving friends and family behind and starting again can be daunting especially when you are taking on a new role and even more so if you don’t speak or understand the language.

Don’t worry, we are here to help and to make your life easier.

Having listened to you over the past 5 years we have developed our support services to guide and assist you with numerous day to day challenges and help you live in the area. We offer a monthly membership where you can reach out and get help when you need it, but we also offer specific individual assistance and advice on more sensitive personal issues. You can feel happy and content in the knowledge you can call on Aislinn when you need to.

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