Individual Assistance

Individual Assistance
Individual Assistance

We assist people with any practical difficulties they encounter, from where to buy your favorite products to locating and contacting a medical specialist etc.

Examples of services we have provided for our clients:

Home finding & Relocation support including:

Inventory inspections

Change over of utilities

Greeting & arranging first grocery shop upon arrival

School registration support

Importing & Registering cars in France as well as vehicle purchases & insurance

Visa, residence & citizenship application support

Driving Licence

Finding a medical specialist: Making appointments
Information on French taxation
Setting up a business in France
Sourcing clubs and Societies

We can work with you to help with any of your issues, providing practical advice and solutions. We have a monthly membership allowing you access to contact us whenever you need a quick solution to a difficulty. Contact us today to find out more about our services and rates.

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