Thinking of applying for French citizenship? Q&A session- Thursday 19th Oct 2017 7-9pm

Livret Du Citoyen

In light of the ongoing BREXIT discussions, many UK nationals living in Pays de Gex and Haute Savoie have applied for French Citizenship. Join us and a panel of people who are currently going through the process to find out what’s involved. What’s the difference between residency & nationality? What is the process? how long does it take? Is it …

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Cultural Integration Workshop- Tuesday 10th October 2017 7-9pm Webster University


Settling Here has teamed up with International Coaching Solutions again to run another integration workshop on Tuesday 10 October at Webster University Campus, Bellevue. The group will be limited in size to ensure a relaxed and interactive session for all. If you have moved to the Geneva/ Vaud/ France Voisine area in last 12-18 months or so then this workshop …

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Back to work: are you looking for a job in Switzerland?- Thursday 12th Oct 2017 9.00-10.30am

Employment Application

Jeanne Navarro HR expert  will join us again for another informative and interactive Settling Here session. With a vast experience in recruitment and HR management in both the private sector and with International organizations, Jeanne will be sharing the do’s and don’t’s of job seeking. Jeanne Navarro consulting specialises in Geneva Recruitment, Coaching, Training, Assessment, Outplacement & Relocation. To reserve …

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Summer activites for kids in the area- Information Session Friday 19th June 9.30-11am


Are you looking for some ideas for great kid’s activites during the Summer? Then come along to the next Settling Here information session on Friday 19th June from 9.30-11am. We will be discussing one off activities, day camps, as well as some weekly activities to keep your children happy during the school holidays. Areas covered will include Pays-de-Gex, Geneva and …

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Newcomer’s Integration Workshop Thursday 18th May 2017

Welcome To Geneva 1

Settling Here has teamed up with International Coaching Solutions to run two workshops on Thursday 18th May at Webster University Campus, Bellevue, Geneva. You can choose between a morning or evening session. The groups will be limited in size to ensure a relaxed and interactive session for all. If you have moved to the Geneva/ France Voisine area in last …

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Interactive Seminar: Raising Global & Mobile Children

Kristin Louise Duncombe

Settling Here will run an interactive seminar with Kristin Duncombe, Psychotherapist, Health Education ( RAISING GLOBAL AND MOBILE CHILDREN, CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL FAMILIES A seminar on international identity and mental-health, Kristin Duncombe will speak about raising children in an international context, and the impact of a global, mobile existence on identity and self esteem. She will also discuss strategies …

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Frontalier Tax Information Session 3rd Nov 2016: 7.30-9pm

Frontalier Franco Suisse

Expert Lead Information Session : Frontalier Tax Issues Georgi Uzunov, founder of Uzunov Consulting. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, his company specializes in the field of accounting, tax and company set up consulting. Georgi will join us on Thursday 3rd November to discuss Frontalier Tax issues for people living in France and working in Switzerland. Topics include: Quasi Resident- explanation and …

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The role of the Notaire in France & why you might need one- Information Session Wed 11 May 2016 from 19h-20h30


Settling Here Evening Information Session The role of the Notaire in France & why you might need one Cedric Grabowski, an experienced Notaire working in the Pays de Gex, France will join us to explain what a Notaire does and to specifically discuss the following topics: -Purchasing a property in France -Owning the property (taxes to be paid, planning permission for building, extensions …

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Buying or selling a property in the Pays de Gex- Thurs 13th Nov 9.30-11am

Maison à Vendre

Thinking of buying or selling a property in the Pays de Gex? On Thursday 13th November from 9.30-11am. Daniel Leopard, independent property consultant will tell us all we need to know about buying and selling a property in France. Main topics: The local property market, finance on purchases; interest rate Euro/CH, banks, Courtiers plus more…. Email to find out …

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Ski information session- Wed 5th Nov 9.30-11am

Ski Resorts

One of the best things about living in this area during the winter has to be the fact that you can be on a ski slope within half an hour of leaving your home. There are plenty of ski slopes in the area, whether you are a down hill skier or prefer cross country there is something for everyone. During …

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Know-it-all passport Special Information Session


Are you new to the area or just looking for great ideas? Then come and meet Geneva’s know-it-all at the Settling Here information session on Thursday 16th October from 9.30-11am. Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman, author of Know-it-all passport with a recently-published 9th edition, will join us to discuss some ideas of great things to do in Geneva, Vaud, and neighboring France. If you …

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Applying for a job in Switzerland- Thursday 18th Sept 9.30-11am

Job Application

Jeanne Navarro from HR Top will be sharing with you HR-management experience in private companies as well as international organisations. In this the second information session by HR top You will learn how to go about applying for a job, as well as all the necessary tools to do so. There will of course be an opportunity to ask all …

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